Behaviour Matrix

New Norway School Culture

Positive Actions, Interactions, and Traditions:
is built on positive interactions, operates on positive beliefs and assumptions about the potential of students, parents and staff to learn and grow is rich in ceremonies and traditions that reinforce our core cultural values encourages mentorship and leadership places positive relationships, effective communication and character development at the forefront of our work is sensitive to the tone of communication between and among all members of our culture.

A Healthy Sense of Belonging:
is built on a strong sense of community and belonging understands our vision and views New Norway School as a welcoming and caring place recognizes each individual as unique and provides support is consistently welcoming, friendly and inviting displays signs, symbols and pictures that are warm and inviting celebrates an environment that symbolizes joy and pride welcomes back to NNS our alumni/families whose commitment to this culture transcends the generations.​​

Smooth Transitions within and Between Schools:
is built on smooth transitions into our community and within/between classes, grades and divisions strives for top academic, artistic and athletic performance along with continual improvement provides feedback to one another that is aligned with our philosophy of ‘creating a culture of excellence’ promotes effective conflict resolution strategies to confront anything that may be potentially harmful to another member of our family has a shared sense of mutual respect and caring for everyone.​

NNS Welcoming And Caring Philosophy