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Welcome to New Norway School. We strive for the success of all kindergarten to grade 12 students in New Norway School by serving their educational needs. It is our responsibility to ensure that all New Norway School students be provided with the best education possible so that they may become self-reliant, responsible, caring and contributing members of society.


Mrs. Kelly Arial

Principal's Message

The success of the educational programs provided at New Norway School is based on the commitment of our staff and parents working together to make a difference in the lives of our students. We take pride in every aspect of our school and insist that our students strive for academic excellence.

New Norway is a school where each individual is important! Providing an environment that is conducive to learning, we offer an array of programs that give all of our students the opportunity to improve, explore, and expand their educational and personal experiences and challenges.

The involvement of parents is crucial to the success of our school. We continue to build lasting relationships with our School (Parent) Council as we work together to make this a positive and meaningful school year. Everyone is challenged to get involved and create a culture of excellence here at New Norway School.

The New Norway Spartans are a very proud family!


We strive for the success of all students in New Norway School by serving their educational needs. It is our responsibility to ensure that all New Norway School students be provided with the best education possible so that they may become self-reliant, responsible, caring and contributing members of society.


At New Norway School we believe:

  • We will provide each student with the best possible education in a safe and caring environment.
  • We can make a positive impact on the life of every student.
  • Students should be the focus of all the efforts within the school and every student is important and none will be overlooked.
  • All students should be provided with educational programs that develop their social, physical, intellectual, cultural and emotional dimensions while accommodating their varied learning styles.
  • Students are responsible for participating fully in the achievement of their education success.
  • Parents and the community should have opportunities for positive, meaningful involvement in important decisions about their children's education.
  • Positive role models are important in instilling desirable values in children.
  • Students should have high expectations set for them and receive constant and ongoing feedback.
  • We will provide opportunities for our students to acquire the entrepreneurial and technical skills and work habits required for success in our rapidly changing, high-tech society.
  • Satisfaction of students, parents and the public is critical to the success of our school.
  • Everyone involved in the education of a child should work cooperatively to provide a positive learning environment for students.


In New Norway School:

  • ​​​All students enjoy the opportunity to be successful in a school environment that is conducive to their learning and development and enables them to become contributing citizens of our society.
  • The efforts of everyone focuses on enabling students to learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be successful citizens in a changing world that is dependent on their meaningful contribution both locally and globally.
  • To the extent practical, all students have the opportunity to access programs of learning that develops individual potential and prepares them for the challenges of daily living, the world of work and life-long learning.
  • The staff sets high standards and provides the opportunity for students to achieve these standards. Students know what is expected of them and they apply themselves diligently to meet those expectations.  Students and staff are engaged in a comprehensive program of studies that challenge all to do their best. As well, parents and the community support and encourage student success.

Facts and Figures

The History of New Norway School buildings

from the book ‘Memory Opens The Door’  published in 1972. (The material combined in ‘Memory Opens The Door’ was gathered and compiled by the combined efforts of the members of the New Norway Community Club and interested friends and relatives of our early pioneers.)

The first New Norway School was built in 1897. The school was constructed from logs and was one mile away from the townsite. Sometime later, a metal frame school was built in the same location. The population of the school and crowded conditions began increasing which led to the construction of a two-room school in the village in 1922.

The second school was later moved into the village by Robert Rassmuson. He used a stump puller to drag the school across the field. This method was slow and tedious, yet effective. It then became the U.F.A hall, where Christmas concerts, plays, wrestling matches, and many other things were held. Subsequently, it became Arnold’s shoe and sport shop and was sometimes used as a summer home.

Then, a one-room high school was built in 1939 by Eli Malmo to provide more room and opportunity for students to learn and complete their high school education. 

In 1947 the school district joined the Camrose School Division which was founded in 1938. From 1938 and on, centralization of schools was taking place. Schools were moved onto school grounds and school buses brought pupils in from the surrounding area. This involved the following school districts: Dowling, Hover, Kensington, South Bittern Lake, Silver Creek, Little Beaver, Dried Meat Lake, View Point, and Duhamel.

A new twelve-room school was begun in 1954 and officially opened on March 11, 1955. The move from the old school to the new twelve room school took place in February and, an interesting feature was the enthusiastic and cooperative pupils. The weather was also cooperative; there was no snow, the ground was dry and the temperature was most reasonable. Half of the pupils helped transport books, desks, and materials into the new school while the other half took care of everything inside. The move was accomplished in two hours. Later on, four more rooms and a gymnasium were added onto New Norway School and the number of pupils and staff continued to grow.