(Students are encouraged to reuse their supplies from year to year)

Supply List 2022/2023


Supply Lists for Next Year (2023-2024)

See below for the recommended supply list for 2023-2024. You can either print the forms and buy your own supplies, or: Our Parent council is offering pre-packaged supply bundles, through a company called School Smart. This is an option for families, and is not required. Go to to order these school supply pre-packaged bundles (or, if you are buying your own supplies, print the appropriate page and a list will be on that page). You can also call to order, or email a completed order form to School Start.

School Smart is a fundraiser for the School Council, and the company provides a quality product at a competitive price. (see letter here)

School Smart offers early Order incentives: order by June 13 or July 18th to be entered in cash draws. 

Home delivery requires a 911 address, not a Box Number mailing address.


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