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​10:00 ​Walk Through
11:00​ Elementary girls open​ 2.20km​
11:20​ Elementary boys open​ 2.20km​
11:40​ Grade 7 girls​ 2.20km​
12:00​ Grade 7 Boys​ 2.52km​
12:00​ Grade 8 Girls​ 2.52km​
12:05​ Elementary Awards​
12:30​ Grade 8 Boys​ 3.37km​
12:30​ Grade 9 Girls​ 3.37km​
13:00​ Grade 9 Boys​ 4.40km​
13:30​ High School Girls open​ 5.04km​
13:45​ Junior High Awards​

High School Boys Open* 

*this race includes a general open  ​

​14:45 ​High School Awards

Some races will start at the same time but runner’s results/placing will be sorted according to grade - - - example Div I boys, grade 4 boys, grade 5 boys, grade 6 boys and so on.

Medals and ribbons will be awarded for each race as well as some team awards

Top School Championships - A school must have 2 runners finish in a category in order to score points toward the team championship.  Separate team championships will be awarded to the school that earns the most team points in all categories for each Elementary, Jr. High and High School divisions. The school with the highest participation level will be recognized No change facilities on site Remember you will be charged $5.00 for race day scratches